Artist and media theorist, based in Copenhagen. Received a doctoral degree in Art and Media Theory from University of Arts in Belgrade.

My theoretical research is focused on the problem of media analysis, visual reception and aesthetics of technology. I have been involved in the several international projects focused on the long-distance learning and media literacy.
Member of the curatorial initiative for the promotion of video art - ArtVideoExchange since 2008. I work as a Senior lecturer at Communications for Development department (ComDev), K3, Malmö University.

Apart from that: I'm a passionate fusion-cuisine-leisure-time-cook, a clumsy bicycle-rider, a big fan of European independent film production and of all Tom Waits' and Tuxedomoon albums.

Anonymous survey about your favorite robots on film
I am doing a research about robots on film. Please feel free to fill out the small anonymous survey - all you have to do is to pick 8 favorite sci-fi films from the list!
To complete this survey you need cca. 5 min.

You can find it here:

Thanks in advance, this is a big help for me!