Artist and media theorist, based in Copenhagen. Received a doctoral degree in Art and Media Theory from University of Arts in Belgrade.

My theoretical research is focused on the problem of media analysis, visual reception and aesthetics of technology. I have been involved in the several international projects focused on the long-distance learning and media literacy.
Member of the curatorial initiative for the promotion of video art - ArtVideoExchange since 2008. I work as a Senior lecturer at Communications for Development department (ComDev), K3, Malmö University.

Apart from that: I'm a passionate fusion-cuisine-leisure-time-cook, a clumsy bicycle-rider, a big fan of European independent film production and of all Tom Waits' and Tuxedomoon albums.

Helsinki Photomedia
It is my pleasure to give a talk at Helsinki Photomedia conference, Aalto University, March 26-28. The title of my talk is: Cloned images and the optical unconscious'.

In this presentation I would discuss the term optical unconscious as defined in the writings of Walter Benjamin and Rosalind Krauss, and propose a broadened definition of this term, taking into account the new media spreadability (Jenkins et al., 2013) and 'image cloning' (W.J.T. Mitchell, 2008).

The hypothesis is that images embody power not only through scientific visualisations, marketing campaigns, celebrity culture or visualisation of ideological messages, but also through the specific visual codes they produce. These codes can be transferred to other images as a 'hidden algorithm', which can later contribute its special status.